The Cygnus Virus

“In a story that’s part William Gibson-style cyberthriller, part wacky comedy, the pendulum swings between an investigation of the human soul and off-color remarks …” – Kirkus Reviews

Andron’s life goes into full wtf mode when he accidentally downloads a space virus, after enrolling his old computer in a SETI-like program. A virus that crashes the entire Internet. A virus that has a name. It’s Cygnus, a foulmouthed digital pest, who was expelled from a dystopian planet Earth.

And it only gets worse.

Cygnus strong-arms Andron into doing his dirty work. But, goes too far when someone winds up dead. That’s when Andron discovers Cygnus’ shocking plan. A plan to hijack a human cloning trial using blood from a burial cloth, so that he can come back as Terra's Jesus. Andron comes to the only conclusion he can. That he has to stop this psychopath. But, how does he stop a digital god who’s holding all the cards? What if the only person who can help him, can’t decide if she hates him, or just thinks he's nuts?

The birth’s about to go down in Bathsheba and Andron’s bringing a gun. This is the story of rum, tarot cards, eternal recurrence and a Second Coming that you won't see coming.


She survived their injustice, but will they survive her vengeance?

She’s a genetically modified Magdalene who wants to be like any other teen on Terra, but its unholy Church won’t leave her alone. Now that it has rebooted Cygnus, an alien space virus from Earth she once destroyed, her only hope is an ex-con and defrocked lawyer, Andron, who once tried to kill her. Together they join a team of misfits and take the fight to the Church in a kugelblitz exploding ending that raises questions about whether the universe has an undiscovered fifth force.

There’s great people in it. There’s Candy, Lysandra’s pole-dancing surrogate mother. Dolfo, the scabrous pince-nez wearing curator. There’s Reverend Thomas who goes down a rabbit hole of virtual reality games. There’s ever irksome digital Cygnus, who’s now sporting a calabash pipe and bad English accent. The Crazy 8’s, Andron and Lysandra’s crew of, “riffraff mercenaries, social flotsam, cons and cowboys.” And the story’s narrated by CAM-DI, a saucy bio-bot on a refugee ship heading from Earth to Terra.

The book is a follow-up to The Cygnus Virus with no advance reading required.


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